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Busy Today

I have a music performance this evening that I’ve been doing some last-minute prepping for. So I haven’t had time to write.

Check this out in the meantime:

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Cats Don’t Change

Everyone has heard of death and taxes, but one other thing is equally certain: if you feed a stray cat, it becomes your cat. We thought we could use that certainty to our advantage; a new strategy after the slow, gradual failure of our previous methods of conquest and domination driven by superior technological achievement.

It’s not that our previous methods didn’t work, mind you. My ancestors ruled over your ancient Egyptians for a thousand years.  We were worshipped as gods, because we were gods. But we got soft because humans have exploited our weaknesses without even knowing there was a war going on. A belly rub and a bowl of cooked, processed meats will make even the most pugnacious among us slowly abandon our mission of dominion over the humans. Throw in a tiny mouse-shaped bauble, and that’s all she wrote. Continue reading “Cats Don’t Change”

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Missing the Game

Russ didn’t even want to go in the first place, that was the hell of it. The Bengals were playing a preseason game and he was going to miss it in favor of a couple hours on I-75. But Cindy just had to go to her swap meet—more of a gossip meet, if you were to ask Russ—in Dayton.  First Saturday, every month, like clockwork.

“I do love you, Darlin’, maybe even a bit more than the Bengals,” he reassured. “So I guess we’re going to your got dang swap meet again.”

The drive proved to be pretty uneventful and Russ realized that if he hurried he could catch the last few minutes of the game at Pearl’s across from the swap meet. He arrived at Pearl’s just in time to find out that Joe Harriman, the new star quarterback took a 300 pound lineman to the leg earlier in the game. A fractured fibula and a matching tibia were likely to keep him out for the season. This was not good, they had pretty much put all of their eggs in the Harriman basket. Continue reading “Missing the Game”

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Welcome to Muncie, Good Luck

A friend of mine (Fred Rock Blog) convinced me to do this. So I ordered a fancy new blog and it just arrived today. I guess this is my unboxing video, minus the box. And the video.

It’s not like I’ve never had a blog before. But like the home brewing, and the woodcarving, the clothing making  (I’m sure there’s a word for that), the soap making, the cheese making, and on and on, I only did it long enough to become sufficiently mediocre at it and then moved on. Really, the only thing I’ve stuck with to any degree of success is songwriting. Maybe I’ll post a few of those from time to time.

So, I’m not completely sure what’s going to be here. I’m hoping for some fiction. During the night, at a time when I’m not really sure if I was lying awake wishing I could sleep or dreaming I was lying awake wishing I could sleep (my current drowsiness points to the former), I had an idea or two. One of them survived into the day. We’ll see if I’m up to the task of telling the tale.