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Sunday Politics

I used to run a blog that was mostly political but which also included non-fiction stories from my childhood and young adult life.  When I started Snapped Strings earlier this week, I wanted it to be mostly fiction stories with very little to no politics.  But I’m a political junkie of the libertarian bent, so I’m going to compromise with myself and make it so that I have a “Sunday Politics” entry but, unless there is a major event, no politics on other days.  Fair?

I will be voting for Gary Johnson this year because it’s getting close to a point where there won’t be a way to reduce the ever more tyrannical government peacefully, and he’s the closest we’ve got who has even an outside shot this time around.

Hillary supports too many of the things that I despise regarding foreign policy (war) and cronyism. I can’t get behind big bank, big military, and the government picking winners and losers in the private sector.

Trump is just a buffoon, who frankly other than his jingoism and nationalism, I have no idea what he believes even though I watched most of the debates–and neither does anyone else–including Trump, I imagine.

So for me, that pretty much leaves Johnson who is a lousy libertarian, but maybe that appeals to those who don’t understand the philosophy because he is just like them. The reason his positions seem to have little consistency is because he apparently doesn’t have any philosophical basis for whatever it is he believes in. I’m sure that he really loves liberty, but that he isn’t quite smart enough to have given it all the thought that, say, Ron Paul (or even Rand) has obviously given it.

With Ron, you could clearly tell that he has spent his life thinking about what freedom means, He has thought of every argument and every counter argument and he has read the works of the great philosophers (…/Timeline_of_libertarian…). It’s also clear that he passed this on to his son Rand, although Rand has chosen to be more pragmatic (some would argue “less pure”) than his father. But I don’t think Johnson has given any of this much thought at all so, although he likes the idea of freedom, he is a very weak libertarian.

But he’s never supported crony deals between big gov and big business and he’s never supported war or invasions as a first response to any issue because, ostensibly, American Exceptionalism (whatever the hell that is) means we can do whatever we want to whomever we want wherever we want. And that’s enough for me.


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